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logo of the Auto Service Repairs

Auto Service Repairs

Professional Services, Automotive
United Kingdom
Technologies used:
Experience Cloud, Sales Cloud, Apex, WPForms, Drive Connect, Lightning Email Templates, Salesforce Flows


Streamlining Processes at Auto Service Repairs with Hitteps Salesforce solutions

Auto Service Repairs, a network of specialized car service centers across the UK, offers high-quality gearbox and engine repairs, as well as general vehicle maintenance. With their commitment to using manufacturer-approved parts and providing top-notch service, they have built a strong reputation and a growing customer base. They can pick up your car from anywhere, perform a full health check in one of their 50+ specialist centres in the United Kingdom, and drop it off at the designated location with a stamped service book the same day!

As the company grew, Auto Service Repairs faced the need to automate some of its internal processes. Some of the tasks relied on manual data entry from an external service, which significantly slowed down work and opened up room for errors. They turned to Hitteps to help them revamp their system and leverage Salesforce to gain a competitive advantage in the industry.

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What we did

After conducting an initial analysis, our team focused on delivering value to Auto Service Repairs through streamlining and automating key processes with Salesforce:

Experience Cloud Portal

We implemented the Experience Cloud Portal to serve as a pivotal connection between the CRM data and garage representatives. This enabled technicians engaged in car repairs and maintenance to access external data, track progress, and provide additional insights on the go. Furthermore, the portal was optimized for mobile usage, ensuring that delivery and collection drivers could seamlessly interact with it.


  • Enhanced accessibility of CRM data for technicians.
  • Improved tracking and provision of repair and maintenance insights.
  • Optimized mobile interface for delivery and collection drivers.

Vehicle Damage Tracking

Prior to vehicle collection or delivery, we incorporated a feature allowing drivers to capture multiple photos of the vehicle directly from their mobile devices. These images are instantaneously uploaded to Salesforce. This process not only serves as a comprehensive documentation mechanism but also facilitates detailed damage tracking. To further bolster transparency, drivers have the flexibility to include comments wherever necessary.


  • Comprehensive vehicle documentation through photos.
  • Meticulous damage tracking for enhanced accountability.
  • Increased transparency with the ability to annotate and comment on vehicle photos.

External Web Service Integration

We enabled automatic data retrieval for specific cars based on their plate numbers. The task was too complex to be accomplished with declarative tools, so we used the APEX code to automatically fill in the fields based on data retrieved from an external service UK Vehicle Data after the user entered vehicle plate numbers.


  • Always up-to-date database thanks to automatic data retrieval from an external source.
  • Eliminated common data entry mistakes, ensuring reliable data entry and enhancing its integrity.
  • Improved overall efficiency, allowing the personnel to focus more on customer service.

Web-to-Lead Integration

We improved the integration between Salesforce and Auto Service Repairs' two WordPress websites by using the WPForms plugin, streamlining lead capture and management.


  • Streamlined lead capture and management.
  • More effective lead generation process.
  • Improved conversion rates.
  • Increased revenue for the business.

Drive Connect Bug Fixes

We redesigned existing declarative automations to eliminate errors and ensure seamless integration with Salesforce Data Model, allowing Auto Service Repairs efficient file management, document generation, and automated workflows for enhanced team collaboration with Google Drive.


  • Efficient file management.
  • Improved document generation.
  • Automated workflows.
  • Enhanced team collaboration with Google Drive.


Increased efficiency and enhanced customer service

Auto Service Repairs has undergone a transformational journey, realizing significant advancements in their operational efficiency, customer service, and overall business processes, all thanks to our tailored Salesforce solutions:

  1. Experience Cloud Portal Integration: by bridging the CRM data with garage representatives through the Experience Cloud Portal, we’ve unlocked a new dimension of accessibility. This has resulted in more informed technicians, capable of accessing vital data on-the-move and ensuring the optimization of car repairs and maintenance processes.
  2. Vehicle Damage Tracking: the meticulous documentation system we devised not only ensures transparency but also provides a solid foundation for accountability. Drivers now have the tools to visually document vehicle conditions, ensuring that every detail, however minute, is archived.
  3. Web-to-Lead and External Web Service Integration: with the integration of external services like UK Vehicle Data and WordPress websites, we've automated data retrieval and lead management. This has not only sharpened the accuracy of the database but has also amplified lead conversion, propelling revenue growth.
  4. Drive Connect Bug Fixes: our strategic redesigning of the existing declarative automations has streamlined document management, workflow automation, and enhanced collaboration, especially with tools like Google Drive.
  5. UI and Email Signature Customizations: through intuitive interface customizations and the integration of consistent email signatures, we've boosted productivity and fortified the company's professional image, fostering trust and reliability in all communications.

In essence, our comprehensive Salesforce interventions have positioned Auto Service Repairs at the forefront of their industry, priming them for an era of sustained growth, market dominance, and unparalleled customer satisfaction.

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