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Smart Havens Africa

Smart Havens Africa PL

Real Estate, Construction, Non-profit
Uganda, Africa
Technologies used:
Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, Digital Engagement, PhoneIQ, Zapier, e-signature, QuickBooks


Smart Havens Africa is a remarkable social enterprise that focuses on transforming the lives of many families in Africa. Their mission is to provide affordable, durable, and eco-friendly housing solutions for vulnerable and low-income people. The innovative approach of Smart Havens Africa involves building communities rather than single homes, along with a commitment to land ownership rights and diverse financing options. Furthermore, the organization's eco-friendly construction methods, employment of women, and dedication to financial transparency demonstrate their comprehensive commitment to fostering long-term positive change for the families and communities they serve. The continued success and perseverance in their mission have made Smart Havens Africa a leading force in providing affordable housing solutions.

However, as the organization grew, they faced an increasing challenge of managing a complex web of tasks - from processing housing applications, coordinating building and maintenance projects, to managing their properties effectively. Their existing system was unable to keep up with their growing needs and lacked the efficiency and integration they required.

This is where Hitteps came in. Leveraging our expertise in Salesforce solutions, we set out to transform SHA’s operational structure, delivering a system tailored to their unique needs, and ultimately revolutionizing their property management system with custom Experience Cloud portal.

Photo by Mzimasi Ndzombane on Unsplash

What we did

After our initial assessment and outlining the project specifics, we worked on providing Smart Havens Africa with modern solutions. These innovations led to process automation and an enhanced user experience, enabling Smart Havens Africa to direct their attention more towards their core mission.

Experience Cloud Portal

In response to SHA's distinct requirements, we creataed an all-encompassing property management portal. Here, users find a streamlined process to apply for a home, an intuitive interface to manage repairs, and a simplified system to handle bills, all augmented by real-time notifications. Furthermore, to foster a vibrant community, users can seamlessly exchange messages through the Salesforce Chat, thus enhancing the community living ambiance. This innovative portal is cohesively integrated within the Salesforce ecosystem, facilitating a smooth and unified user experience.


  • the ability to comprehensively manage a property from one place
  • enhanced user engagement and satisfaction
  • all data stays in Salesforce, enabling accurate reporting and planning

Case Configuration, Automation, and Management:

We configured Case object, creating custom layouts, fields, validations, list views, record types, and more. We introduced the entire Case lifecycle into Salesforce and automated Case creation via emails and webpage. We developed advanced automations, like auto-response rules, service queues, assignment rules, alerts, and escalation rules to streamline workflows.


  • improved operational efficiency with streamlined case creation and management
  • prompt responses and action due to automation

Data model, Lead Scoring & Omni-channel Configuration

As part of our comprehensive approach, we transitioned the data model from Lead to Opportunity, including the implementation of a data-driven lead scoring model. This tool leverages key data points to rank leads and focus sales efforts effectively. Alongside this, we enabled full task management functionalities and fine-tuned the Service Console and Omni-channels for optimal case routing and display, enhancing both operational efficiency and user experience.


  • streamlined sales process that enhances lead conversion
  • improved user experience and operational efficiency
  • prioritize high-value leads, ensuring efficient utilization of sales team efforts
  • increased lead conversion rates

Knowledge Base Creation

To support Smart Havens Africa’s daily operations, we built a comprehensive knowledge base without incurring additional license expenses. This repository of structured information aids in improving internal operations.


  • streamlined access to essential information
  • organized repository of knowledge aiding in daily operations

Feedback Management & Telephony Integration

We coded a custom component for gathering user feedback fromthe Customer Portal. To bolster real-time customer interaction, we integrated PhoneIQ, a managed app for telephony services.


  • mechanism for valuable customer feedback collection
  • improved customer service through real-time interaction


Boosted efficiency and enhanced property management

With our comprehensive Salesforce solution tailored to Smart Havens Africa, the organization has seen significant advancements in their operations and property management services:

  • Streamlined and automated processes, reducing manual tasks, and enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Customized Experience Cloud portal that revolutionized property management, enabling residents to apply for housing, pay bills, report repairs, and manage their property details from one central location.
  • Optimized case creation and management, providing improved visibility into each case, and facilitating efficient resolution.
  • Integrated third-party services, such as DocuSign for e-signatures and QuickBooks for accounting, to further automate workflows and provide a cohesive and easy-to-navigate system.
  • Established a robust security model ensuring that each user has the correct permissions, thus bolstering the system's integrity and data protection.

By harnessing the capabilities of Salesforce, Smart Havens Africa has not only enhanced their internal operations, but they've also created a superior experience for residents and achieved a unique advantage in the affordable housing sector. This strategic transformation positions them for continued growth and success in their mission to provide affordable housing across Africa.

Photo by Thiago Cerqueira on Unsplash