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We’re a 100% remote team spread all across the world. Join us!

photo of Dawid Lebieda, the CEO of Hitteps
Dawid Lebieda
Founder & CEO
While searching for the balance between business and technology, and after experiencing various company cultures, sizes, and approaches, I decided to start Hitteps, and I haven't looked back since. In my free time, you can find me watching football games or exploring new trails on my gravel bike.
opis zdjęcia
Bartosz Januszek
Head of Sales and Alliances
We all have our own cloudy days or inner struggles, and that's the reason I greet everyone with a warm smile and genuine kindness. As an engineer and sales specialist, I act as a bridge between the technical team and our valued business clients, ensuring smooth communication and mutual understanding. Off the clock, you'll find me reading, watching football or playing strategy games.
George Khorozhanskyi
Salesforce Consultant & Developer
As a seasoned Salesforce Consultant and Developer, I thrive on harmonizing business needs with technological solutions. Whether it's crafting the perfect workflow or optimizing user interfaces, I find joy in the endless possibilities this platform offers. Away from coding and work, catch me at karaoke or enjoying a night out in the city center. I love singing blues tunes, and just like each song tells a story, every project I take on has its own tale of success. It's all about finding the right harmony, whether it's in music or in work.
Aleksandra Georgieva
Salesforce Business Analyst & Nonprofit Cloud Consultant
Life, to me, is a harmonious blend of adventure, intellectual exploration, and the joy of simple pleasures. I find joy in hiking and exploring nature's beauty. A dedicated reader, I love diving into diverse books. Daily walks clear my mind and offer quiet reflection. Spending time with my dog and family adds warmth to moments of play and companionship. Salesforce, in this colorful tapestry of life, is like the cherry on top, adding a dimension of professional fulfillment and engagement.
Andrew Kurbatov
Salesforce Developer
Salesforce is overwhelming and exciting, isn’t it? I’m sailing in this ocean of endless possibilities in search of the coolest features and smoothest user experience. Outside of my development journey I like to play board games and spend time in nature.
Marcin Kuć
Salesforce Consultant
Welcome to the digital space where Salesforce solutions come to life! I'm Marcin, a passionate and results-driven Salesforce Consultant dedicated to empowering businesses through the strategic implementation and optimization of Salesforce. With a wealth of experience in the Salesforce ecosystem, I specialize in tailoring CRM solutions to meet the unique needs of your organization. Whether you're navigating the complexities of Salesforce for the first time, looking to enhance your current setup, or seeking expert advice, I am here to guide you.
Yulia Oleynik
Salesforce Developer
As a dedicated Salesforce Developer at Hitteps, I thrive on crafting dynamic solutions within the Salesforce ecosystem. My passion for innovation aligns seamlessly with Hitteps' commitment to excellence, making it an ideal environment to harness the full potential of Salesforce. I bring a wealth of experience in Apex, Lightning components, and declarative development. In my free time outside of work, I like to sing, play the guitar and spend time with friends. Let's elevate your Salesforce experience together!
Maksymilian Czauderna
Business Development Specialist
Modern technology is an endless story that excites me. I love finding ways to boost work efficiency and solving obstacles we encounter. In my free time, I enjoy learning languages, cooking, sports, and watching great movies!
Adam Żochowski
Business Development Consultant
As a Business Development Consultant with a sales background and tech industry expertise, I excel in forging partnerships and driving growth. Passionate about innovation, I'm committed to empowering businesses through digital transformation. In my spare time, you can find me at the gym, in the theatre, or with a psychology book in my hand. Let's propel your business forward with Salesforce!
Jan Koczot
Salesforce QA Engineer
I'm Jan, a meticulous Quality Assurance Engineer at Hitteps with a passion for identifying potential bugs and ensuring top-notch quality in every project. My keen eye for detail and dedication to excellence drive my work, ensuring flawless results. Outside of my professional role, I’m a car enthusiast who enjoys experiencing life at full throttle, always looking for the next adventure on the open road. Whether it's analyzing code or revving engines, I bring precision and enthusiasm to everything I do.