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Robotics, AI, Machine Learning, High Tech, Logistics
Warsaw, Poland
Technologies used:
Salesforce Expierience Cloud, Sales Cloud


Leader in AI robotics for e-commerce

Nomagic is a cutting-edge company specializing in intelligent robotic solutions for e-commerce and retail warehouses. They focus on enhancing efficiency and reducing operational costs with their AI-driven robotic systems, which excel in tasks like picking, sorting, and packing a wide variety of items. By integrating deep learning and cloud technology, Nomagic ensures reliable and scalable automation, significantly benefiting their clients by achieving quick returns on investment and substantial cost savings.

Nomagic partnered with Hitteps to develop a comprehensive Experience Cloud Portal. The goal was to enhance communication, streamline workflows, and provide real-time access to essential documents and data. This portal needed robust security features to protect sensitive information and analytics to track the progress and success of deals. By implementing this solution, Nomagic aimed to foster stronger partnerships, improve deal efficiency, and ultimately drive higher revenue growth.


What we did

Nomagic is a company made up of engineers who deal with robotics, automation, and software development on a daily basis. However, instead of carrying out the project in-house, they decided to entrust it entirely to Hitteps due to our specialization in Salesforce technology. Here are the results of our work:

Portal for Partners

We developed a comprehensive Experience Cloud Portal for Nomagic partners. This portal enables partners to collaborate effectively with Nomagic's internal team, so all data goes to Nomagic's Salesforce org.


  • Full UI implementation, ensuring an intuitive and cohesive user experience.
  • Collaboration on Accounts, Opportunities, and Leads with partners.
  • Secure file and document sharing between internal and external users.
  • Integrated communication tools, including Chatter Groups and Record Feeds.
  • Robust task management system for efficient tracking and management.

Account and Opportunity Process Improvement

We enhanced the processes for managing accounts and opportunities by introducing new record types and fields. These improvements differentiate between internal and external records, providing clarity and better organization.


  • Creation of new record types for Partner Leads and Opportunities.
  • Customized fields to accurately differentiate internal and external records.
  • Streamlined data entry and management processes.
  • Improved reporting capabilities with distinct internal and external data.
  • Enhanced decision-making process through better data organization.

Custom Sharing Model

We built a custom sharing model for Nomagic, controlling the visibility of records, files, reports, and dashboards to ensure data security and proper access management.


  • Tailored sharing settings for records, files, reports, and dashboards.
  • Customizable access levels based on user roles and needs.
  • Ensured data security and integrity with strict access controls.
  • Enabled partners to access necessary data without compromising security.
  • Fostered a secure and collaborative environment for internal and external users.


Empowering partnerships: Nomagic's journey with Experience Cloud

By implementing the Experience Cloud Portal, we significantly enhanced the way Nomagic collaborates with its partners. The comprehensive user interface, collaborative tools, secure file sharing, and advanced communication features have streamlined processes and improved efficiency. The custom sharing model ensures data security while the task management system boosts productivity.

Our use of standard Salesforce configurations simplifies future maintenance, and the detailed user manual and training modules empower users to fully leverage the portal’s capabilities. The addition of insightful dashboards and reports further enables data-driven decision-making.

Overall, this implementation has transformed Nomagic AI's partner engagement, driving better business outcomes and fostering stronger partnerships.



The Hitteps team have been true partners throughout our project, adjusting to our somewhat evolving needs and requirements. They were responsive and quick to apply changes and propose solutions.

Bartosz Lada