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Ventilation and Daylighting Company

Ventilation and Daylighting Solutions
Technologies used:
Salesforce CPQ, Sales Cloud, Apex, LWC, MS Dynamics


Breathing Life into Buildings: Ventilation and Daylighting Solutions

The Company, established in the 1960s, has carved a niche for itself through its innovative high-performance daylighting and ventilation systems. By designing and manufacturing wall systems, canopy, smoke vent solutions and skylight, it aims to optimize the way natural light and air enhance both building design and the people's comfort.

With a diverse range of products such as translucent wall and roof assemblies, canopies and walkways, skylights, smoke vents and ventilation, as well as roof safety products, the Company provides holistic solutions for building envelopes. These offerings cater to a broad spectrum of markets including industrial, retail, municipal, and residential sectors, underlining its versatility and capability to meet varied requirements.

Strategically expanding its market reach, the Company also engages in acquisitions to further its mission. For instance, in 2021, it made a notable acquisition of a reputable provider of daylighting products, indicating its intent to continually grow and provide innovative daylighting and ventilation solutions to a wider clientele.

Through its dedicated efforts, the Company has significantly contributed to promoting a sustainable and comfortable built environment, showcasing the importance and benefits of integrating natural light and fresh air into modern architectural designs.

The specialists from Hitteps assisted the Company in addressing issues related to Salesforce CPQ and Sales Cloud, expanded CPQ functionality, refined the Salesforce interface using Lightning Web Components, integrated Salesforce with MS Dynamics, and implemented a custom order management solution.

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What we did

Our team worked closely with the Company to identify key areas where Salesforce solutions could bring valuable improvements to their operations. Below are the key tasks and implementations that we completed for the Company:

Salesforce CPQ and Sales Cloud Support

In order to ensure seamless sales operations, we addressed and rectified issues associated with Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) and the Salesforce Sales Cloud. Our efforts were focused on enhancing the reliability and performance of these platforms to ensure a smooth sales process.


  • Enhanced system reliability and minimized disruption in sales processes.
  • Streamlined sales workflows, leading to faster turnaround times.
  • Improved user experience for the sales team, fostering increased productivity.
  • Reduced system glitches and errors, ensuring accurateand timely sales data

Salesforce CPQ Extensions

We introduced custom extensions to quote line editor and standard data model, enhancing the out-of-the-box capabilities of Salesforce CPQ and enabling a more efficient and accurate pricing and quoting process.


  • Facilitated a more dynamic pricing model, allowing for better customization and flexibility.
  • Enhanced accuracy in quoting, leading to increased trust from clients.
  • Optimized workflows for Sales Representatives, enabling them to generate quotes faster.
  • Improved overall efficiency, reducing time spent on quote revisions and modifications.

Integration with Microsoft Dynamics

Recognizing the distinct utilities of Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, it was imperative to facilitate data exchange between the two platforms. We achieved a seamless integration, ensuring that the two systems could communicate effectively, offering a unified view of all pertinent data.


  • Consolidated data views, providing comprehensive insights across both platforms.
  • Streamlined operations by reducing data redundancy and ensuring consistency.
  • Enabled real-time data updates between systems, reducing manual data transfer efforts.
  • Improved decision-making by offering an integrated data perspective.

UI Enhancements in LWC

Taking into account specific requirements, we made alterations to the User Interface, using the Lightning Web Components (LWC). This allowed for custom presentations of information on quotes and line items, ensuring all details were laid out in a user-friendly and intuitive manner.


  • Delivered a tailored user experience, meeting precise client specifications.
  • Improved data visibility, making it easier for users to understand and act on information.
  • Enhanced responsiveness and interactive capabilities of the interface.
  • Boosted user satisfaction and efficiency with the customized UI.

Order Management

To offer better oversight over orders, we implemented a custom order management functionality. This bespoke solution empowers the team to efficiently track, update, and manage all orders, ensuring a seamless flow from order placement to delivery.


  • Centralized order tracking, offering a single view of all order-related data.
  • Enhanced order processing efficiency, reducing fulfillment times.
  • Reduced errors in order processing, leading to higher customer satisfaction.


Optimization of Quote Generation and Sales Processes

Utilizing innovative daylighting and ventilation systems, the Company has been a pioneer in breathing life into buildings, ensuring the well-being of its occupants while optimizing architectural design. As a testimony to its dedication, the recent collaboration with Hitteps specialists has further revolutionized its operational excellence:

  • Enhanced Salesforce Operations: by addressing issues related to Salesforce CPQ and Sales Cloud, Hitteps has amplified the reliability and performance of these platforms. This enhancement has streamlined sales workflows, minimized disruptions, and improved user experiences – all vital for increased productivity and accurate sales data.
  • Advanced Salesforce CPQ Capabilities: the introduction of custom extensions has ushered in a dynamic pricing model. This development not only ensures enhanced accuracy in quotes, optimizing workflows for sales representatives, but also builds trust with clients due to more accurate and prompt services.
  • Seamless System Integration: the strategic integration of Salesforce with Microsoft Dynamics has enriched data views, consolidated insights, and streamlined operations. This has reduced data redundancy, empowered real-time updates, and fostered better decision-making by providing a holistic perspective.
  • User-Centric Interface Customizations: with alterations made using Lightning Web Components, users now benefit from a tailored experience that's both responsive and interactive. This initiative has elevated data visibility and overall user satisfaction.
  • Efficient Order Management: implementing a bespoke order management functionality has centralized order tracking, enhancing processing efficiency and reducing potential errors. The outcome? An improved customer satisfaction rate, as orders transition seamlessly from placement to delivery.

Together, these advancements not only amplify the Company's commitment to promoting a sustainable built environment but also showcase its adaptability and readiness to embrace technological solutions. By merging natural design solutions with technological advancements, the Company is poised for greater heights in delivering holistic solutions for building envelopes and remains dedicated to serving a myriad of sectors with excellence.

This collaboration signifies a powerful stride towards ensuring that the Company remains at the forefront, offering unmatched services in the realm of daylighting and ventilation systems.

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