Introducing Invoice Generator - New Salesforce App by Hitteps!

We proudly introduce the Invoice Generator - our new AppExchange application for Salesforce! It helps you with generating invoices - what a surprise! But let’s dig in and see how it can help you in your work!

The fastest way to generate invoices

Honestly, we have no idea if this will be the best suited app for you - at the end of the day everyone has their own preferences. However, we guarantee one thing: it’s the fastest one. You just click “new invoice”, select items and boom! It’s ready!

It’s the simplest as well!

I don’t know about you, but invoicing seems scary to me! Making mistakes or not understanding how the whole thing works makes it really stressful! However, with Invoice Generator you omit all complicated steps and just with a few quick clicks you can prepare a perfect invoice with no mistakes and no problems! Just look how nice it looks!

Easy customisations!

Do you want to add your logo to make your invoicing more professional? We got you covered! You want to easily add new items or the whole item lines? It’s also possible with Invoice Generator! You want to send thank-you-notes to your customers to make the whole journey more pleasant? It’s all here!

With Invoice Generator the whole invoicing process is upgraded to a whole new level not only thanks to simplicity and quickness! It’s also thanks to easily customisable elements that make your invoices look just great!

Taxes? No problem!

Invoice Generator will also help you with tax calculations. After configuration, the tax will be calculated based on the items, the type of purchase and other variables.

You won’t be obliged to calculate it with Excel or a calculator - it will be there waiting for you!

Get it now!

Just go to AppExchange and test it on your own. Did we mention the fact that it is 100% FOR FREE?

Get it, test it and most importantly: enjoy it to the fullest!

You can find it on Salesforce AppExchange: Click!

And if you have any questions, schedule a quick virtual coffee: Click!

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