Maximizing Non-Profit Impact with Free Access to Slack and Salesforce

If you're running a non-profit organization, it's clear you'd want to leverage state-of-the-art technologies without straining your budget. At Hitteps, we believe that free is a fair price, which is why today, we're shining a spotlight on Slack for Charity.

Beyond Messaging: Slack is Not Only a Chat

In an era where digital collaboration is not just an advantage but a necessity, various tools have emerged to connect teams, streamline workflows, and promote efficiency. Among these, Slack stands out as a powerhouse, offering diverse functionalities that accommodate seamless communication and collaboration within and across organizations.

Slack's horizon expanded even further following its collaboration with Salesforce, a global CRM leader (Salesforce is also free for non-profit organizations - check out this article to learn more). This synergy marks a significant leap in integrated productivity possibilities, especially for non-profit organizations. Here’s a deeper look into what this partnership entails and why non-profit organizations should consider applying for the Slack for Charities programme.

Slack and Salesforce: A Merger Marking a New Era of Enterprise Communication

Salesforce’s acquisition of Slack is set to redefine the dynamics of enterprise communication. Known for its robust CRM platform, Salesforce brings to the table an array of tools and features that help businesses understand and cater to their clients more effectively. With Slack in the equation, these client insights become more accessible and actionable.

For non-profits, this integration means simplified access to crucial data, enabling these organizations to stay on top of donor information, volunteer coordination, project management, and stakeholder communication, all within a unified platform. Essentially, the Salesforce-Slack partnership is poised to offer a holistic workspace that connects every aspect of a non-profit’s operations.

Why Non-Profits Should Leverage the Slack for Charities Programme

Understanding the financial constraints often faced by charitable organizations, Slack offers a special programme — Slack for Charities. This initiative provides eligible non-profits with free or heavily discounted access to premium services. The perks, applicable based on the size and subscription level of the workspace, include advanced features that are particularly beneficial for larger teams or those handling sensitive information.

  • Streamlined operations on a budget: with features ranging from unlimited message archives, sophisticated search tools, and advanced integrations, non-profits can maintain organizational agility without straining their budgets.
  • Enhanced Team Coordination: Slack’s paid plans offer functionalities such as group video calls and screen sharing, essential for fostering teamwork and collaboration among volunteers and staff, potentially spread across the globe.
  • Secured Sensitive Information: Understanding that non-profits often handle sensitive data, Slack provides strengthened security features on paid plans, including Single Sign-On (SSO) and more in-depth administrative controls.
Applying to Slack for Charities: Simple Steps, Significant Rewards

The application process for Slack for Charities is straightforward. Eligible organizations must hold a valid charitable status and comply with specific non-discrimination and operational standards. The programme expressly accommodates non-profits, barring certain organizations such as political or religious groups, hospitals, and schools (the latter might qualify for Slack for Education).

Once an organization establishes its eligibility, the process requires filling out a simple application form and meeting tax exemption requirements.

A Future-Proof Investment for Charitable Endeavours

Non-profits thrive on community, connection, and collaboration. Tools like Slack, especially when supercharged by a partnership with Salesforce, enable these organizations to carry out their missions effectively and efficiently. By applying for the Slack for Charities programme, non-profits are not just investing in a tool, but in their sustainable future, ensuring they remain connected and operational even in the most challenging times.

Find out how to apply for a free Slack for your organization here: Apply for the Slack for Charities discount.

The digital transformation journey for non-profits does not have to be a solo endeavor. With Slack and Salesforce, charitable organizations have a chance to leverage state-of-the-art technology, fostering a culture of unity, efficiency, and impactful delivery on their mission.

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