WhatsApp and Salesforce: AI-Driven Evolution in Customer Service

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In the digital age, personalizing customer experiences is vital. And what could be a better strategy than joining forces with a platform famous globally?

Today we are talking about Salesforce integration with WhatsApp, the app helping people realise how poor their Wi-Fi is since 2009.


Given the widespread adoption of WhatsApp, a platform utilized by more than two billion people for their communication needs, this development is significant. It's essential to consider the global trend where inindividuals, both in personal and professional capacities, are transitioning from native mobile apps to messaging platforms. As per a Gartner forecast, by 2025, 80% of customer service entities will opt for messaging over native apps.

Consistency across various departments fosters greater customer loyalty, as evidenced by 83% of customers. The integration of WhatsApp into Salesforce Customer 360 enables organizations to offer seamless and scalable experiences across all service and marketing engagement points.


 WhatsApp for Service Cloud allows businesses to:

  • Customize every conversation utilizing AI and data: by converging data from different channels and systems, businesses can tailor interactions on the WhatsApp Business Platform using intelligent insights and recommendations.
  • Enhance self-service automation round-the-clock: integrating AI-fueled chatbots with WhatsApp allows service teams to deflect cases successfully and expedite resolutions by automating everything from basicqueries like "Where's my order?" to complex multi-step processes such as replacing a missing item.

In the pipeline are exciting developments. WhatsApp for Service Cloud will leverage real-time data from Data Cloud and Einstein GPT to provide GPT-powered service replies. This will enable companies to auto-generate personalized responses anchored in relevant data sources across all touchpoints and channels. Furthermore, with WhatsApp for Commerce Cloud, organizations can weave commerce transactions into each customer engagement touchpoint within WhatsApp, boosting efficiency and revenue prospects.

In the world of service, marketing, and imminent commerce, Salesforce's AI, data, and CRM capabilities are further amplified with the incorporation of WhatsApp. This unique blend aids businesses in building robust, unified customer profiles that enable efficient and personalized interactions across all touchpoints, whether facilitated by intelligent Einstein Bots or agents equipped with generated replies from Einstein GPT.

Messaging has increasingly become the favored mode ofcommunication with businesses for 66% of online adults.


Currently, WhatsApp for Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud are accessible to all customers of Service Cloud with Digital Engagement. WhatsAppfor Commerce Cloud is slated to be available in the Fall of 2023.

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