Why Your Next Salesforce Expert Should Be Polish?

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Why would you pay someone $140 an hour for work when someone else can do it better for $70? For many IT companies worldwide, this realization is crystal clear. That's why outsourcing of Polish experts has become a cornerstone for business efficiency. Firms that leverage outsourcing have weathered economic crisis better, avoided staff cuts, maintained financial stability, and ensured timely delivery of pivotal projects.

If you're in the hunt for IT professionals, chances are you've come across articles like these:

High quality, lower costs: the Polish IT phenomenon

So, why are Polish IT professionals in such high demand globally? Here are some compelling reasons:

  • IT Education: top-tier education in Poland is entirely free, enabling any Polish individual to graduate from a prestigious IT course and start carieer as a developer. A whopping 99% of IT professionals in Poland have a higher education degree.
  • Global Recognition: Poles consistently clinch victories in international programming and math competitions. In a ranking by HackerRank, Polish professionals come with a score of 98/100 (by comparison, the United States sits at 28th place with a score of 78/100). Only China and Russia, both countries with significantly larger populations, surpass Poland.
  • Cost-Efficiency: despite their vast expertise, Polish IT specialists don't demand exorbitant fees. In the United States, a Salesforce Developer might charge anywhere between $90 to $140 an hour. In contrast, many Polish experts deliver similar, if not better, quality of work for $60 an hour.
  • Work Ethic: the Polish work culture embodies diligence, precision, discipline, and commitment, ensuring that partnering businesses can anticipate timely project deliveries.
  • Cultural Match: Poland's cultural roots are deeply embedded in European traditions, which translates to an easy understanding of Western values and business practices.

Save money while enhancing quality - your manager will love you for it!

You've probably invested considerable time and resources in recruitment processes that haven't always produced the desired outcomes. Here's why you should consider Outsourcing and Staff Augmentation:

  • Significant Cost Savings: beyond the higher salaries you'd pay to local employees, there are additional expenses like cost of employment, training, benefits, and travel. Outsourcing from Poland allows you to reallocate these saved funds into investments.
  • Lower Capital Expenditure: regarding investments, with outsourcing, there's no need for spending money on office space, equipment, and software.
  • Flexibility: navigate the ever-evolving market with ease. Experts can join your project individually or as an entire cohesive team, right when you need them.
  • Expertise: for highly specific, one-time tasks that demand the utmost attention to detail, you don't need to permanently have an expert in your team.

Transform your business even today with Hitteps!

If you're convinced by the success stories of Polish specialists in the realm of outsourcing, you're in the right place. Hitteps is a Salesforce Consulting Partner and we offer the services you're looking for.

Our Developers, Administrators, and Consultants can join your team at a rate of $60 per hour!

We have experience in end-to-end implementations, managed services, and we've even launched our own app on the Salesforce AppExchange. We've successfully completed projects for companies in various time zones, including the United States and Australia.

Interested in discussing how Hitteps can assist you in outsourcing Polish Salesforce talents and more? Click here to schedule a virtual coffee with us through Calendly!

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